-    -    -    -  Vivacity

Project Overview

TIME FRAME: Jan 2017 – Feb 2017

MY ROLE: Designer and researcher

TOOLS: Illustrator and Marvel

Calgary is often seen as a city that caters to those working in corporate sectors. I wanted to address the belief that the city is not suitable for those working in other sectors and prevent the rising epidemic of brain drain. The city’s creative and technological sectors are thriving, I wanted individuals looking for work to consider Calgary as a viable option. This website generates recommendations for real estate, neighbourhoods, services, and amenities in the city based off of a user’s answers to a lifestyle quiz.


How might we create a single task that allows those working in the creative field to explore the possibilities Calgary has to offer?

For a long time, the city has been viewed as the destination for corporations and an oil and gas hub. This project aims to banish this belief and offer up Calgary’s growing art, design, and technology sectors.


Quiz Generated Recommendation