Project Overview

In partnership with
Mount Royal University, Geology

TIME FRAME: Dec 2017, 2 weeks

MY ROLE: Designer & researcher

TOOLS: Illustrator & InDesign

In partnership with Mount Royal University’s Geology department, we were tasked with making a communication piece catered to our assigned audience, addressing the topic of disaster preparedness. I chose to tackle the communication boundary that scientific experts come across when addressing the community and media through the Tsunami Expert’s Guide to Communication.


How might we design an artifact that addresses the gap in the communication process experienced by scientific experts in times of crisis?


Communication saves lives

This discovery phase showed that scientists have difficulty communicating information to the public in times of crisis. The Tsunami Preparedness Guide assists scientific professionals in speaking to different audiences by visualizing the process in which they need to communicate with stakeholders and the language they need to use.


Breaking it down

Identifying which audiences need to be communicated to and the channels it is done through. Readers are provided with a step by step process of the stakeholders they must contact at each stage.


Creating value

Each section is designed to address the barriers scientific experts face when communicating with the public.

  1. Levels of Severity
  2. Communication Tips
  3. Process & Action Plan
  4. Stakeholders & Tailor Communication