Cyber Security

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Mount Royal University Cyber Security Awareness Campaign

Project Overview

Guerrilla Marketing, Digital, & Print Materials
In partnership with
Sarah Bartlett, Rose DeSouza, & Yves Flores

CLIENT: Mount Royal IT Security

TIME FRAME: Sept 2018 – Dec 2018

MY ROLE: Designer and researcher

TOOLS: Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop


For this client project, I worked in an interdisciplinary team with 3 other students from Journalism, Public Relations, and Information Design. Together, we aimed to raise student engagement with Mount Royal University’s IT Security department.


How might we educate students about safe internet usage and engage them in the IT Security departments initiatives?


To form and validate our ideas, we conducted the following forms of research as empirical evidence to support our recommendations.

  • Desk Research
  • Focus Group
  • Guerrilla Marketing Prototype

Our recommendation was for “IT Security” to change their department name to “Cyber Security”, to be less intimidating and in line with their objectives. Through our research, we discovered that student engagement and awareness of Mount Royal University Cyber Security was alarmingly low. We rebranded the department and created a set of campaign materials, including:

  • Large format poster (24 x 36″)
  • Information postcards to be distributed at New Student Orientation
  • Instagram stories