City Cycle Track

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Infographic Poster

Project Overview

In partnership with
City of Calgary Transportation

TIME FRAME: Feb 2017-Apr 2017

MY ROLE: Designer, research, speaker

TOOLS: Illustrator & InDesign

Partnering with the City of Calgary’s Transportation department, this infographic poster aims to present qualitative and quantitative data regarding Calgary’s cycle track system. In distinct categories, each student developed a question within their presentation category. The poster addresses the demographic breakdown of low-income inner city communities and the benefits of implementing new cycle track pathways.


How might we identify populations within the city that can benefit from the cycle track system?

What needs to be showcased?
  • Who is cycling
  • Is it in the budget?
  • Who will benefit from this infrastructure?
  • Cycling in comparison to other transportation
  • What are the socio-economic benefits of cycling?

How might we communicate this information to the intended audience while being aware of the social and political controversy surrounding it?

The map is shows Calgary’s residential communities within a 10km radius of the city center. The shade of each area is representative of the percentage of residents that use the cycle track as their main mode of transportation. Four communities are highlighted on the map, representing the lowest household income communities in each\ quadrant within the 10km radius of the city center. They have been identified as areas that can benefit from the implementation of more pathways. Other supporting graphics showcase economic and social impacts.

*All data was derived from the City of Calgary Census Reports.